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Music in the Round

Apr 22, 2021

Welcome to the fifth episode of Up Close: A Music in the Round podcast, presented by Tom McKinney.

This episode features:

  • Viola player Ruth Gibson from Ensemble 360, plays the prelude from JS Bach's second cello suite, before talking to writer and broadcaster Horatio Clare about the relationship between Bach's music and walking before performing the Sarabande from the same suite;
  • Bernard Gregor Smith of the Lindsay String Quartet continues discussing and reading from his memoir, A Quintessential Quartet;
  • Head of Programmes, Edward Mackay introduces a new set of films made using virtual reality technology by Relative Motion to capture Ensemble 360 up close in socially distanced times, with violinist Benjamin Nabarro and cellist Gemma Rosefield reflecting on this unique experience;
  • Adrian Wilson continues his presentation of Henri Tomasi's 'Evocations' with Cambodia.

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